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Selling Uta no Prince Sama Rubber Straps

Hi, hello. I'm new here. I happen to have some extra UtaPri straps that I've never opened and don't plan to ever open that I'm selling.

I have:

selling for $10 each
Hi all, I have updated my sales with some new items. Also there will be a 20% discount on all in-stock items that are not newly posted and have not been held. Please feel free to check out my sales! I sell official anime collectibles from series such as The Prince of Tennis, Hakuouki, Kuroko no Basuke, Iwatobi Free!, Amnesia, Uta no Prince-sama, Karneval, Gintama, Brother's Conflict, Kuroshitsuji, and many more!!! Here are just a few examples, please click on the picture or link to my Live Journal!!

My Sales Page
Utapuri Pencil Board - TokiyaUtapuri Starish Bookmarks - MasatoUtapuri 3D postcards_8
UtaPuri mousepad - Otoya and TokiyaUtapuri Mousepad - RenUtapuri Mousepad - Otoya
Translations by ichigohaatsu. Please credit if using.

To see all my translations that I have done, please visit here.

ST☆RISH - Maji LOVE☆Revolutions “Serious LOVE☆Revolutions”
I'm selling this items on eBay (please, read full info there!)

If you want a discount,
please send me PM - you can buy it without Ebay (minus 10% of the cost as eBay fees!),
but you
still have to pay the PayPal fees, sorry!


Hijirikawa Masato, Jinguuji Ren (by Alter), Cecil Aijima (Voice Mascot) figures



Hi all!!!  it's been a while~  I've finally had some time to update my anime sales pages with new stuff and I'm having a sale for Christmas!!!  If you're interested in series like Hakuouki, the Prince of Tennis, Kuroko no Basuke, Iwatobi Free!, Amnesia, Karneval, Uta no Prince-sama, Psycho Pass, K Project, Brothers Conflict, and many many more, plus KAT-TUN, please check out my sales pages and make a comment listing what you want to buy!!!  Below are just a few examples~


Hakuouki SSL - Vol 5 CF - Okita SaitouAmnesia Still Collection Premium v13 - 01Shinpuri School Emblem towel_01Shinpuri Anikuji 2014 - G2
KuroBasu RS - 12Kurobasu Big Clear Card - Normal 02Free! Animal Costume Fastener AccessoriesFree! Changing Room CF
Amnesia Still Collection Premium v14 - 01Amnesia special coloring book - 07UtaPuri - 01_Cover
Clear file - 1214 Kuroshitsuji Book of CircusClear file - 14 Natsume Yuujinchou AClear file - 0413 Sword Art Online_AKATTUN - Best of KATTUN

Selling: Merchandise & Doujinshi


Hi! ^^ I have an UtaPri can badge binder (not pictured here), an UtaPri calendar, 4 UtaPri fanmade can badges, the PSP game "Uta no Prince-sama Repeat" (not pictured here), and a bunch of UtaPri doujinshi (mainly Natsuki/Syo & Satsuki/Syo) for sale at my LJ, so if you're interested please take a look! Thank you! ^_^

Ai Mikaze Stuff Wanted

I'm looking for basically anything Ai Mikaze to buy. If anyone is selling a doujinshi with him in it I would be interested, though I would mainly like to buy a AixSyo or AixReiji :)

Mod Announcement!

Hello there, dearies!

Decided to change the layout because the previous one was too crowded. With Pink. So here's a cleaner version. Less crowded links. Less screen color explosion. The header, however, is just randomly slapped together. /laughs/

I've noticed the influx of large posts for sales items. Some of them stretch out so far past the screen. Please use LJ-cut to keep the post from stretching too large in the community, thank you!

And remember, do have fun discussing anything related to the first and second season.


Goods for Sale~

Hello! I have a bunch of goods for sale. Please take a look.


My Feedback

Thanks for looking! :D

Added new items - all between $5-$10

I want to get rid of a lot of my doujinshi either because I've lost interest in the series or just don't want them anymore.

Update: I've added about 50 extra books and they are all either $5 or $10 a piece. Please take a look
Series for sale: Kuroko no Basket, Katekyo Hitman Reborn, Magi, Gintama, Attack of the Titan, Uta no Prince-sama, Final Fantasy, Vocaloid,Tales of the Abyss, Tales of Xillia, Hetalia,

Figurines: Kuroko no Basket (Akashi), One Piece (Trafalgar Law), Uta no prince-sama (Otoya Ittoki)

All books are $5-$10 unless stated otherwise.

Head here to look: Clicky

I'm also doing individual/direct orders here if anyone wants to order something like from k-books or toranoana. Make sure to read the details before ordering so that you know what happens along in the process. Thanks!